E-commerce, meet Fintech

Traditional e-commerce has reached maturity. The next generation of growth comes from blending fintech back into the stack.


Resurgence Dev builds systems that kickstart growth.


Gaming is currently at a crossroads. We create innovative solutions for the path forward.

Decentralized Finance

DeFi brings the full power of modern finance to any connected person in the universe.

Token Economies

New digital commodities, new trading abilities. We build growth forward market economies.


From current best practices to research in quantum safe cryptography, Resurgence Dev uses the right tool for the job.

Key Management

Keys are tricky. Our solutions make key management simple.

Interoperable Chains

We build in Quorum, Ethereum, Polkadot, and more.


The easy harvest is a thing of the past. Working the digital frontier requires insights from each edge of the horizon.

Programmable Money

Automate your waterfalls of cash. Reinvest the found value or share across the stream.

Containment over Contamination

Containing data as an asset not only defends you from liability, it also opens new lines of business.

Value System Engineering

We build trading games in everything, using bonding curves, token engineering, systems design expertise and more.


New digital commodities lead to a new generation of synthetic assets.

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Resurgence Dev